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The Grand Ballroom group classes, designed and taught by Andy & Wendy Wong for 20 years up until their retirement inn 2013, was the most successful teaching system in Canada.

Since the studio’s grand opening in 1994, Andy and Wendy had taught more than 10,500 classes and 18,000 individual students – an unprecedented achievement! Without doubt, Andy and Wendy were the most experienced teachers of beginner students in Vancouver and probably the whole country. What was the reason for their success? It was their clarity of teaching and ability to make students feel at ease and have a lot of fun in the classes. Other studios have tried to copy Andy & Wendy’s system but have never equalled their success.

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Beginner Downloads

Each dance is a visual library of 100% of the steps that we teach in our Beginners classes, featuring our directors and instructors, Andy & Wendy Wong.

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Basic Technique Downloads

It covers all the fundamental techniques that are important for dancing the latin dances - Cha Cha, Rumba, and Samba.

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